What is a healthy workplace?

It is the collaboration between the employees and employers to use an ongoing improvement process to protect and promote the health, safetly and well-being of the workers in the workplace.

The workplace is an important place for health protection, health promotion and disease prevention programs. On average, Malaysian spend atleast one-third of their day, 5 times a week at the workplace.

So what do we have to offer?

  1. Health Talk on Ergonomics and Postures
    • We have qualified and experienced physiotherapists to give a educational talk on ergonomics at work and proper postures.
    • Through this health talk, employees will be able to modify their workplace to promote a healthy and safe workplace.
  2. Postural Screenings
    • Assessment and consultation on employees’ posture and physical problems by our qualified physiotherapists.
  3. Physiotherapy treatments/exercises
    • We provide on-site physiotherapy treatment as well which includes manual therapy, joint mobilisation, exercises and education.

How would this Workplace Health Program help with your organisation?

  1. It help to reduce health risk and improve the quality of life for employees.
  2. Maintaining a healthy workplace can lower costs such as insurance and worker’s compensation claims.
  3. It will also have positive impact on indirect cost such as absenteeism and worker productivity.

Therefore, workplace health programs can lead to change at both individual and the organisation levels. PREVENTION is always the best cure.